Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What is it?

What is it with straight guys that fall for you (A gay dude) and say they need time but they go see chicks behind your back or even start flirting right in front of you. I just think its really to hard to date a so called straight guy going through a sexuality transition whatever that might be! To be honest it hurts like hell when you love that dude more than life itself and deep down inside you know that he might just get up and leave to a woman because you cant offer somethings. Gay people have it so hard in life with all the criticism and bashing's and everything else its just not fair. Sometimes I just wish that I was straight, life would be so much easier, no rejections from your family, being able to marry properly just, gosh dangit everything.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Spanish Actor "Gabriel Soto"

This guy is one of my favorite actors/model. He has this sort of personality that keeps drawing you to him even if you try and fight it LOL. I dont care what people say this dude is so fuckin hot!!!!! Gabriel Soto can be summed up for me in one word, scratch that their is not just one word to sum up this fine piece of man.


Now who in the world would turn down this guy to work on your car!!!! Well ill tell ya what I wouldn't this guy could give me anything he wants :)